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Suncatchers for Summer Camp

Summer camp has started, people! I can’t believe that the summer is finally here.

I have 6 of the kids I had from this past school year and an additional 16 other kids! We have a whooping 22 kids for summer camp (and it just so happens that 21 are here today). Talk about being tired!

Off on a tangent, I went to drop some things to Goodwill the other day by myself. The guy who works at Goodwill comes out to my car to help. He asked how I am and I said “Fine”. In return I asked him how we was. He said “Tired!”. I said “I understand” (we just moved this weekend, cleaned the old house, trying to put new stuff away, and dealing with 22 preschoolers). So he comes back to the car to get more stuff and he said “I was just thinking how I just worked a 9 hour shift. Believe me, I’m tired”. I looked him straight in the eye and said “Dude, I have 22 4 year olds that I take care of. You want to talk about tired?”. Then he tried to one up me! He started to go on about how much more tired he is than I am. I’m sorry but you need to stop putting your business out there and get back to work. /rant

So one of the projects we did last week was a suncatcher. I found in on Pinterest, but when I tried it it didn’t seem to work so well :/

So I redid the project to work out a little bit better. It was creative enough and not too messy (Thanks, newspaper!).

So I wrote names on a coffee filter. Then mixed about 2 tablespoons of veggie oil and about 8 or 9 drops of food coloring (*Yellow didn’t work out so well so I would avoid it!). We used green and blue. Mixed those up as well as I could in a small cup.

Then I had the kids paint a design with a q-tip. Some of them understand the project a little bit more than others. Some just painted the entire thing.







After they dried, I glued a piece of yarn so they could be hung up at home! Any good summertime projects your kids are getting into?




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