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These kids melt my heart

I can’t believe how many crayons get broken in our classroom. It’s rediculas. Do they just not make crayons that last? Well for Earth Day (happy Earth Day by the way) we made little melted Earths for the class. I love recycleable gifts! Plus, it didn’t cost anything. Can’t beat that!

So I took my old crockpot, lined the bottom with foil cupcake liners (I was afraid to use the normal ones…I wanted to be safe), and put some broken green and blue crayons in the liner. I tuned the crockpot to HIGH and left them in there for 20 minutes.

We have 22 kids and I wanted to make sure that we had enough for all of them so they look a little like saucers!

Then we put a little tape on the back of them and made them like certificates. They got them on Friday!

I honestly didn’t think it would be that easy, but it was! Have you ever melted crayons? What did you make? I want to know these things!

Have a nice rest of your weekend!




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