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The beginning of summer….

With only 2 weeks until the end of school, I’m beginning to love these afternoons filled with margaritas, the pool, and sunshine. There is nothing better than that! If you can think of anything better, please let me know…seriously…I find this to be the epitome of summer.

I remember when I was a Senior in high school and a girlfriend of mine and I would get out of school early and head to the local beach. No one was there except for her and I. No one would bother us. No one would stare. We could soak up the sun and not worry about anything else in the world. I miss being able to do that. Living where we do now, the beach really isn’t an option. Sure, we have the rivers and there are some smallish beaches, but nothing like my hometown. *sigh* I miss a real beach (who knew I would think of my hometown beach as a “real beach”. ha).

I think because it is the beginning of summer I’m going to make goals for myself. Things I would like to be able to do by the end of summer. Nothing big or fancy. Just a small list.  A very small list.

1) Save anough money for a car. I need a car. Badly. If Ray and I even want to think about having a baby, we need a second car.

2) Get some new walking shoes. Mine suck. If I get these, I can do #3.

3) Start walking 3 2 times a week. I feel as though I need to get out and start walking. I’ve always wanted to be one of these people that are able to run, but I know my knees are horrible. So how about walking? I think I can do that. And Betty loves to walk! Win Win, right?

Let’s see if I can do these 3 simple things. Goals. Aspiration. Something to work towards. It’s the beginning of summer. A new leaf.

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