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New Penguin school year

Yep. So school has been in session for over a month now. That’s why I’ve been MIA. My little penguins have been keeping me busy!

So, as you’ve gathered, my classroom name is the “Perky Penguins”. And this year I wanted to make sure I outfitted my class with LOTS of penguin gear. So here are a few things that are penguin themed in my class…although I’m sure there will be more to come.

Buckets for the bottom of the cubby

First we have the penguins at the bottom of their cubby. And of course their names are on them (we have green, yellow, blue, and red buckets).





Next we have these adorable laminated penguins that hang from the ceiling. They also have their names on them with 3 paper clips hanging behind them. Then parents know which penguin is for which child. (yes, we did think it was pretty funny that the hole is in the middle of the penguin’s head. Opps).

I also made this cup to pull names from for our chores of the week. I just took an old can, wrapped paper around it, stuck a penguin (Tux to be exact  to it and called it “Penguin Picks”. Pretty nifty, huh?

Then I made these sticks, colored one side red and one side green. And velcro is on the other side. Then I put their names on them and stuck them in the cup. Everyone starts with having their stick with the green side up (that let’s me know they have not had a turn with a chore). Then, once their week is up, I put their stick back in the cup with the red side up. We have there little Tee shirts that say “Calender” or “Line Leader” with another piece of velcro. Their stick goes on the Tee shirt. It’s gone over really well. Plus, it lets me know who has had a turn and who has not.

And look! Here is my circle time board. You can see the Tee shirts on the right hand corner. And my rules that I made last month on the left.

And to finish off the penguin class, I had to make my bulletin board for the beginning of the year. And yes, it has to do with Penguins.

So there you have it. My penguin class. We’ve been so busy so far, it’s been really tough for me to post as much as I would like. But now that the dust is settling and we are starting to get into the swing of things, I should be posting a little bit more!

Happy school year!




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