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Pinterest makes me want a baby…

R and I have been having some pretty serious talks about “Baby T”. The funny thing is, I don’t want to have a kid in September (crazy huh?). I’m a preschool teacher. I don’t want to be out of school the first month of school! Plain and simple. Plus, R’s dad and my dad are both born on the SAME date (not the same year). I can’t handle having a boy born on the same day both of our dads are! Too much. And R doesn’t want a winter kid (my birthday is the end of November so I understand).So when we try to have a kid, their birthday is extreamely important to me. R can only take some much time off. I just don’t want to be off the first few months of school. Birthdays are important to me, man.

Do I want a kid of my own? Someone who looks like me, talks like me, reminds me of all the good parts of me? Sure. The thing is that Pinterest makes me want one even MORE. That damn site makes my heart tingle with dreams of kiddies running around our house. Pinterest MAKES me pin EVERYTHING for future reference. I WILL NEED THIS ONE DAY. OMG. It makes me crazy. Crazy for baby. Crazy for shit that I will never need. Crazy for information that will never do me any good. Crazy I tell ya. All because Pinterest is telling me I need a baby. Oh, and maybe another wedding too.




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