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The man across the street…

So we have a man we lives across the street ¬†from our condo. Mid-50’s. Always wears a tan ballcap. Works construction (we assume). Nothing too strange, right?

Well, for the past year or so we have noticed that he will take a taxi out. Also, nothing too strange. Well, he will leave in the late afternoon and not get home until really late at night. Once again, this is nothing new or exciting (I swear I’m going somewhere with this post. Stay with me!)

Once or twice a week, we will notice that he is coming home late at night, stumbling to the door, fighting with his woman friend outside (sometimes she will drive him home and not the taxi). Half the time he looks like he has no idea where he is (hey, I’ve been that drunk).

A few weeks ago the gentleman across the street left in a taxi. Around 12 at night (I think it was a weeknight and raining), his cab pulls up to drop the guy off. Well the man across the street got out of the cab, started screaming at the cab driver, putting his arms out like he was trying to pick a fight with the cab driver (remember, it was raining…hard). The cab driver makes a U-turn and leaves although the dude across the street is still screaming. By this time, I’m yelling at Ray to look outside (he runs to the spare bedroom to get a better look). After many stumbling steps, and almost falling into the fence, he goes around the corner towards his gate. He stops. He falls a little backwards, stumbled a little forward, and then…fell backwards again into the bushes! It was still raining and so dark, we couldn’t see anything. I asked Ray if I should go help the man but, because of who he is, he says “No, let’s watch what happens!”.

After a few painful and intense minutes (ok, it may have been one whole minute but it felt like forever!) the man comes out of the bushes! His hat was off and quite discheveled…but he was ok! He looked for his hat, found it, and put it on his face. Yes, you read that right. He put it on his face…hmmm…I didn’t know that’s how you put on a hat…Anyhow, he finally put his hat on correctly and stumbled to his gate. Through the large bush in front of his gate, I could see his shadow sway back and forth and then…he was gone. Ray and I closed the blinds and went back to watching TV.

Yesterday, at 7 pm, the man across the street came home. His buddy (who I think works construction with him) brought him home in his truck. The friend got out of the truck and went around to the passenger side door to open it up. There was drunk neighbor man without a shirt on (but he had his hat on!). The friend got drunk neighbor man’s belongings out of the truck and walked him to the gate. There was a lot of stumbling and some yelling to the friend, but he was safe and home. That’s what is important. He’s not hurt and neither is anyone else.

I’m sure I will have a new story soon. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall over in anymore bushes!

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