Can of Dates

Last weekend we went to a wedding for an old high school friend of mine. This girl and I were BFFs in high school. Went to prom together. We were so close. Then when I started dating R, I moved. We lost touch. After being so close, we fell apart.

Last year, I found her on Facebook and reconnected. We’ve been to dinner together, she did my boudoir pictures for R and my anniversary, and she invited us to her wedding.

After much thought, I had NO idea what to get for her. I don’t think she needs more “stuff” and she’s pretty sentimental. So, after some searching I found a “Can of Dates” of Pinterest. How cute! Which led me to this blog. I liked the idea of it and found it to be very sweet. But I wasn’t too hip on some of the dates that she had. So I made up my own!

All I needed was some scrapbook paper, glue, construction paper, and an old oatmeal container!











Inside I printed off 12 date ideas (one for each month). The can says “Once a month, pick a date out of the can! Happy first year of marriage!”

These are the 12 dates that I printed off and stuffed inside the can.

  • Walk to a local bakery! Order 6 cupcakes to share 
  • Living Room Camp-Out- Get anything you have that makes you feel like your camping out and set it up in your living room (i.e. camping chairs, turn off the lights and use flashlights, blanket…). Make tin foil dinners in your oven for the dinner.
  • Watch a wintery movie. Make hot chocolate!
  • Watch a summer movie. Make margaritas!
  • Photograph Safari- Take a digital camera and go on a “photo safari.” Drive/walk around town, taking pictures of places where you shared fond memories, or sites that were comical.
  •  Fondue Party. You can use small crock pots, fondue pots, or a microwavable bowl that you can continuously re-heat. Plan a meal around sauces that you would want to dip foods into. i.e cheese sauce (dip- breads, vegetables, meats); chocolate (dip- cheesecake, marshmallows, cookies, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pretzels); broth or sauce for meats; marinara sauce (dip- sausage, cheesy garlic bread, pizza without sauce, bread sticks…).
  • During the week find a way to surprise each other. i.e.- Put notes in all their socks, write a note on the mirror using lipstick… Be creative and try to think of something new!
  • Write down a list of 15 words that describe your spouse. Frame them or put them on the fridge!
  • Go to an apple or peach orchard! Or go to a strawberry farm!
  • Go paddle boating or canoeing! Pack a picnic lunch
  • Go sit under a tree and eat a picnic lunch!
  • Go on a hike! Take a picture at the highest point!

I would love to hear more date ideas that are super easy and simple!

I hope my friend and her new husband like it as much as I liked making it.



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