Video game room!

When R and I moved in this past summer, I automatically knew that one of these rooms was going to be a video game room. There was no doubt in my mind. R’s collection is insane. Like for real. He has an astonishing collection of old video games from every system under the sun. So, after buying a Crate and Barrel pull out couch from some dude on craigs list for a steal and painting the room purple and grey, he made his video game room (with his small collection of records as well).



He should be so proud! The boys (his boys) have been hanging out in there whenever they come over. It’s been pretty nice for them to have their own space (and not bothering me). Plus, it give R his own space to relax and have fun. He can stay in there while I get the big TV in the living room (yessss)!

Until the next time…



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