Container Makeover

R and I used to have the clear containers as our side tables in our bedroom for the longest time. But after 5 years, they were old, hard to open, and pretty much the worst. So when we grew up and got our new bed, those containers had to go. So I took them to school and do a little makeover on them. I cleaned them up (you would not BELIEVE the crap that R had all over his. Beer? Candy? I’m afraid to know) and then put some scrap paper that I found at school in the front. And now?


I think they look pretty good! I also put labels on the front of them so I know what goes in what bin. We have some file folder games, match up games, stamps, cds, musical instruments…I put a lot of stuff in those things! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have them last year.

And yes, that is a tattle monster on top of one of my bins. He has much more patience and deals with all my kids problems. And yes, I found the idea about him from pinterest.





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