Exercise for kids!

On these rainy or cold days, trying to keep my 4 year old preschoolers can be impossible. They have SO much energy and it seems like nothing I do can wear them out. Have a similar problem? Well here are a few ideas that I have found that are fun but will wear them down.

  • Music and Movement. I do this with every class at my center. I find some super fun indie bands like Chromeo or Matt and Kim and the kids have to follow what I do. It can be a pretty intense work out if I do  or 5 songs!
  • Carpet square boogie. This is a game I found online. Kinda like freeze dance only you have to run to a carpet square when the song stops. If I have 18 kids playing and only 5 carpet squares, they all have to share them (which can be pretty funny). After each time I stop, I will take one carpet square away. They all try to fit on one carpet square! But if their feet are off the carpet square they are out. I think the most kids we’ve had on one was 8 kids!
  • Exercise Ball. This came from an idea on Pinterest. They had one beach ball with sight words on it to toss around. Although we do do sight words, I find it more fun with exercise words. So I bought 2 beach balls. One with different numbers on it (nothing bigger than 27) and the other had different actions (like jumping jacks, burpees, push ups). The kids LOVE it. Have them do 20 burpees and see how worn out they are!

So these are some of the things to make my kids supaaaa tired. Any more ideas?




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