Homemade Fabric Softener…

I grew up in a pretty poor house. We didn’t have the luxury of fabric softener. I’ve never even used it before. But R noticed some of our luandry becoming a little stiff so he mentioned using fabric softener to help. So of course I went to all mighty Pinterest and of course I found the easiest recipe for fabric softener. And it only has 3 ingredients! Vineger, hair conditioner, and HOT water.

This is it!

  • Mix 6 cups of super hot water to 2 cups of hair conditioner. I used Bath and Body Works volumizing conditioner and it seemed to work fine.
  • Make sure the conditioner dissolved completely
  • Add 3 cups of white vinegar
  • Mix and pour in a bottle. Shake it up for every use.

That’s as easy and it gets, folks. I’ve been squeezing 2 squeezes in my washing machine (you liked that term?) every load. R says he notices a difference in the laundry but, to be honest, I don’t. But as long as R is happy, I’m happy!





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