All you need is fabric…

When R and I first moved into our condo 5 years ago, we didn’t have much of anything. A bed, some hand me down couches, a side table…yeah, that’s about it. So when a co-worker asked R if he wanted a dining room set, R and I jumped on it. We got it sight unseen. And really, it’s a great set for just 2 people (not in our style at all, but a good set none the less).

So, after owning this set for 5 years, we noticed that the fabric on the chairs was not working. Why? It’s cream. Like light tan. Who in the world would put cream cushions on dining room chairs? Who does that? Needless to say, after many years of abuse, these things were pretty stained (hello! Cream!). I tried to clean them numerous times but the stains kept getting worse. So I said “Screw this! I’m going to cover them”. So at our last Ikea trip, I found some fabric that I thought was perfect. And you want to know what’s even more perfect? The price. I got this for $2.99 a yard! Go me! I could believe it. The funny thing is the girl who was cutting the fabric at Ikea told me that this fabric “isn’t suppose to be used for upholstery”…hmm…but I didn’t care. Lady, I do what I want! It only cost me 6 bucks for 2 yards. I wasn’t really that worried about it if it didn’t work out.

So with my 2 yards of fabric, I knocked these chairs out! R helped me take the cushions off of the chairs for me (what a sweet man!). My dainty little hands couldn’t get the screws off.

Please don’t pay attention to Master Chef in our dining room…

Cut the piece slightly larger than the cushion

Wrap it TIGHT and staple! Make sure there are no bubbles!

Really. That’s it. I have never upholstered ANYTHING in my life and this was super easy to do. I honestly had no idea. If I knew, I would of done this years ago!




Sure, the underside looks pretty ugly (hey, don’t judge!) but the other side looks fantastic!










After about 2 hours of time, this project is completed.


Another project done! And look what a big difference just doing that made? We are super happy with how it turned out!



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