Our Master Bedroom

We have a very small master bedroom. Like REALLY small. But when we moved in, all R and I wanted was a “grown up bedroom”. At our condo, our bedroom was HUGE. Like 2xs the size of this bedroom, valted ceilings, a walk in closet, and an attached bathroom. It was great. It felt pretty grown up. But it just didn’t have that sparkle. So we made some sparkle in a very small room.


The color of our room before wasn’t too bad. It just didn’t feel very grown up. This house used to be lived in by a whole bunch of college kids and R and I just wanted a fresh start. And paint is the best fresh start I know of!

So we painted the room Benjamin Moore’s Charlotte Slate which had that certain kind of richness and masculine feel that we wanted.

Here is our bed that we got when we made our big Ikea trip at the beginning of July. We love the shelves and how it eliminates needed real side tables.

Also, this is our new queen bed (R and I were sleeping on a Full spring bed before). If you are looking for a new mattress, we totally suggest this bed. For real. Although it took us a little while to get used to it (well, our backs needed to get used to it), we really like it now. I don’t wake up as much and it’s easier for me to fall asleep. We are so very happy with it!

Opposite side of the bed

And look! There is my yellow chair that I spray  painted! I really love that pop of yellow against the dark walls. And there is the dresser that R and I just stained (from last post).




Behind the door

And there is the purple dresser we painted!

And I turned the space above that dresser into a little makeup and jewelry space. I started putting my nail polish and necklaces in mason jars which are on the shelves. They work pretty well!


And that’s it. Our whole tour. Nothing big or fancy but it’s our little space.

I hope you enjoyed!





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2 responses to “Our Master Bedroom

  1. Great job! I bet you guys are a lot more cozy!

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