2nd dresser makeover

I can’t believe that we decided to do 2 dresser makeovers! What’s wrong with us? *Don’t answer that*. Our first dresser went really well, so we thought that we could try to do it again. Well, we did it (go us!) but we came across some hurdles.

This dresser is solid wood. Pretty heavy. Pretty plain. We have been wanting to paint it for years now but never had the time (or energy) to do it. But since we’ve been on a DIY kick here lately, we decided to knock it out.

What we started with

The first thing we had to do was take the pulls off (which were a pain in my butt) and sand the drawers down.

Tasha with power tools.

Now, please remember that I have NEVER used power tools before. I mean, for anything. Sure I can be rough and tumble but I don’t exactly build things with my hands. So this was a first (plus, I did it without the husbands help).  After I figured out how hard to press down and how to turn the power down (it was on full blast. The power sander came out from under my hands more than a few times!). I got the hang of it after a few drawers.

First time power sanding! I think I need a little bit more off…

Much better!

I really found my problem to be is that I couldn’t figure out how much to really sand off. The first time I did a drawer (pictured here), I thought it looked pretty good. But I knew with the white paint we got, I had to strip it a little bit more. It really didn’t take that MUCH more to strip it bare. But with 7 drawers and the dresser, I wanted to get it done right the first time and not have to go back to get more off of them (what a pain that would have been).

After sanding them and the dresser (which R helped me with), I brought the paint stain out.

*Side note: This is not the paint/stain that I orginialy had for this dresser. We bought some stain from Ikea. This stuff. I put it on EVERY drawer and did coat after coat. It didn’t stick. NOTHING. Talk about mad as hell. I stained every one of these drawers and it didn’t do a thing. The damn things didn’t even look different. Angry was an understatement. So we ended up getting something different, which worked out in the end. But I’m still mad that stain didn’t do anything. Has anyone else had that problem?*

This is the stain that R and I ended up with in the end. Although we couldn’t find a blue stain that we liked, we already have blue walls in our bedroom and we didn’t think it would look right with the blue dresser.

This stain is the BEST STAIN! I need to tell everyone. I loved it. SOOOOO easy to put on. After sanding everything down, we wiped it down with a clean cloth to get all the nitty gritty off. Then I put the stain on with a paintbrush. The instructions said to wipe off the excess, but I didn’t need to do that. I put it on, let it set in the sun for the day, and that was it. No muss. No fuss. That was it. So very easy.




We decide not to paint the inside

So we let these guys sit in the sun for the rest of the day. That night, we brought them inside to put the pulls on them.

We ended up getting the drawer pulls the same trip that we got the stain at Ikea (which is a good 3 hours away from us. We stocked up that trip!).

The drawer pulls were $1.99 for 6 pulls and the only “color” they had was clear (which is fine by us). So we had white stain and clear pulls.

It was nice to finally have the dresser in the room, our things in it, and to have it done. It was even better that we got that dresser from behind our door (which it has been sitting since we moved).



So here is our second dresser. In all it’s stained glory.









So we are happy with the final product. We really like it against our dark blue/grey walls (which I will be showing your are bedroom in the next post).

The only thing we need to get are new dresser railings but when/if we go back to Ikea, we can pick them up on the cheap there.

Happy DIYing!






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3 responses to “2nd dresser makeover

  1. This looks awesome!!! I also did a dresser makeover recently and opted to paint instead of stain. I didn’t know IKEA sold drawer pulls…that is extremely valuable to know!

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