Pirate Craft

So last week was Pirate week at Summer Camp. I was pretty excited about. I even found a really cute book “Dirty Joe the Pirate” by Bill Harley. It was super cute! *The pirate stole people’s dirty socks*. The kids got a huge laugh out of it!

For a super easy craft, we made telescopes out of 2 cups. All you need is a large cup (we used strofoam although I hate styrofoam with a passion), a tp roll, some scissors to cut a hole, and some paint (silver, gold, and bronze is what we used).


ImageWe cut a hole in the top of the syrofoam cup to the size of the tp roll. Then we stuck the tp roll through it. Then the kids got to paint it!


After the kids painted them, we let them dry (which took the longest out of the entire project).



I told you it was easy!




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