Our Free Dresser Makeover

Because this house is SOO small, we really need to maximize our space. Unfortunately we needed another dresser to handle all of our clothes. Nothing large but something to hold our pjs, workout clothes, and tank tops. It just so happened that a girlfriend of mine is trying to clean our her spare bedroom and was getting rid of a smaller dresser. Score!

So we brought the dresser home and started sanding it right away. Because the dresser was from the 80s (I think my little brother had the same dresser), it was made out of laminate. So scuffing this thing up was NO problem.

After taking some sandpaper to this guy (just scuffed it up. Not take the laminate off of the dresser!), we primed it with some Killz.

We let this sit overnight to dry.

By morning, we painted with the same color we used for our back door.

First coatSecond Coat

Even after painting the dresser, we really like the color. I love it more that it’s free because we already owned it (score again!).

Then we put the knobs on (which is the only thing we payed for on this entire project). We got them at Lowes for a decent price (all together it costs us $12 for all the knobs).

So let’s break that down–

  • Dresser — Free!
  • Paint and primer — Free/Already owned it!
  • Knobs — $12
  • Win!


Really, that this project costs us was some time because everything needed to dry. I’m really happy with how it turned out and how well it looks. I honestly didn’t think it was going to turn out this good!

And guess what? We painted another dresser of ours too (stained it). I hope to post about that soon!





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