Making Jean Roads…

A few weeks ago, I was at work and i ripped my jeans. Nothing big. Just a small hole in the top. No biggie. But as the day wore on and I walked, squated, and picked things up, the hole got bigger…and bigger…and bigger. By the time I got home at 4:30 pm, you could pretty much see my red undies. Like, for real. That’s how big is was. And I continued to wear them around the house (don’t judge me!). Well, I finally got a pot from a bottom drawer and ripppppp. The whole thing ripped from the top of my jeans to the bottom of my butt. Obriously I can’t give these to the DAV or Goodwill. But what if I used them for school? It didn’t take me long to cut them all up and make something super easy with them…


Look! I made little roads from my pants. The kids seem to really like them. They connect them and build roads. Pretty sweet! And super easy and cheap (and I love free projects!). I think I may add some velcro to the ends of some of them so they stick a little bit better. Or I will just leave them!

Made anything free for your kids this week? I would love to know about it!




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