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2nd Bathroom DONE!

After living here for the last 2 months, the second bathroom is officially done! It has been such a pain not to have a second bathroom, but we finally have a working and functional bathroom (with shiny new things in it…weeeeee). Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been looking at since June. Although, when we first went to look at the house, the tub wasn’t even in the space yet!

Right after the tub went in

After the paint went on the walls


Even with a shelf!










We are just so happy to have the bathroom in working order! It’s working and looking great. I just wish I could show a picture of the lights above the mirror…they are really cool looking. And we used the same color on the walls that we have in the other bathroom (Benjamin Moore Ice Age). I’m just glad that project is out of the way!




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