Son of a B…!

Hello. My name is Tasha and I’m 27 year old and I’ve never been stung by a bee before. I love the bees. They are good for the earth! Leave them alone and they will leave you alone! Well….not always…

2 weekends ago, my in-laws came to visit us. They have never stayed with us before (ever) so this was a much anticipated trip. New house, new space, new yard. They were begging to come see us!

So they came from Thursday to Sunday. Not a big deal (hey, I at least like my in-laws!). They showed up on Thursday afternoon, Friday R and I had work and had dinner with them and some friends. Saturday morning, we got up really early and R cut the grass. I decided to prune some of the bushes back and try to pick the front yard up. R’s parents went to Lowe’s to get some weedeater stuff.

So I was pruning this one bush. R was outside with me but not paying me any mind. I got on my knees to get under this one Azalea bush and suddenly…o.m.g….all I felt was needles in my pant leg. What the hell is going on?! All I could scream to R was, “I think I’ve been stung! Son of a bitch! Holy hell!”. I ran inside the house and took my shoe off, sock off, and pants. I put my whole left leg under the cold water in the bathtub. After the needle sensation went away, we went outside to show R. Yep. Right on my left knee, a wasp got me. I guess when I leaned down to get under the Azalea, I must of get right on top of him. Son of a bee.

For the rest of the day, I was ok. I could see where the wasp got me, but it was no big thing. We went to Richmond to go get R’s grill that he wanted. We grilled out that night, drank, had a nice night. By Sunday, my knee was a little swollen but not too bad. By that night though, things had turned. My knee started getting pretty pink and puffy. Hm. Interesting. But I’ve never been stung before and, after doing some research online, this is what wasp stings do.

Then, Monday morning rolls around. I get up to go to work. O.M.G.

Where is my kneecap!?

Look how huge is it! That wasp got me good. I posted this picture on facebook and I could hear the horror in people’s messages to me. Knees should not look that that! And the kicker was that it hurt SOOOOO badly. I couldn’t barely move it. I couldn’t walk. Couldn’t dance. I had 20 4 year olds staring at my knee like I was some kind of Elephant Man. When I got home from work, I took 2 benadryls and knocked out. 2:30 in the morning, I took 2 more benadryls.

Looks better, right?

When I came into work Tuesday the swelling had gone down and started to turn purple. Was purple good? Should anyone’s knee EVER be purple? *shurgs* I have no idea. But it was itching like crazy! I took 2 more Benadryl at work, got some anti-itching cream and some orange juice (vitamin C is good for me, right?).

By Wednesday, my knee was dark purple and not itching anymore. But then I started a cough. Yes, a cough. And I sounded like I lost my voice. And it was hard for me to breath. Crap. These are not good signs. So I want to Med Express and had them check me out. And guess what the doctor said? My knee looked good! And I much of had some allergy attack because of the wasp. Strange. So I got steroids, Zertec, and will be given an Epi-pen.

And here it is a week later and I still have the cough. But my knee looks better (although still slightly pink) and I’m feeling like I can kinda breath. Not 100% but I’m getting there.

Isn’t that crazy? I told R I can’t do yard work anymore. The yard may kill me. Now I’m thinking of what else I could be allergic to. Crap. At least I will have an Epi-pen!



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