We heart our purple door!


When R and I moved into this rental, the first thing we noticed was the bright purple front door. It’s awesome (although not everyone’s cup of tea). It’s more of an indigo color (which is the street we live on! Hardy har har). The color of the door is Benjamin Moore’s Mulberry 275-20 (the inside/outside paint).


Anyhow, we also noticed now awful the back door was. It was dirty, needed some tlc, and was begging to be painted. So the best solution we found was to paint it the same color as the back door. So they match!


So this was the door before…Yeah…Gross is an understatement.

So R and our friend T took the door off the hinges and washed it with mr. clean. I love that stuff!
























Look how clean it looks! Just by doing it, it gave that poor door new life. Then they sanded it down. After drying for about 30 minutes (it was like 100 that day), I wiped it down and started painting it. The thing about being outside though in the heat is you have to watch where you paint. If you put a little too much, it dries SOOOO fast. Hence, I had drip spots (but it is only a backdoor. Should I really be all that worried about it?). So my suggestion is to do it in the shade if it’s a really hot and sunny day!



Because it was drying so fast, the first coat went on pretty quickly. But, like I said, I had to be fast because of the heat! We left it for the rest of the afternoon (before I turned into a soaking wet mess) out in the blazing hot sun. When the sun started to go down, R and T put the door back on the hinges so I could do the finishing coat on it the next day (and fix some of the scratches that they did when they put the door back on!).


So the next day, I came back and did another coat!




We are SOO happy with how it looks. It really is that pop of color that no one would expect! And it was much easier than I thought. Who would of thought painting a door would be so easy?






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