Modge Podge Outlet Covers…

Being in a rental can be really hard. REALLY hard. You want to have orginial things and creative ideas in your home. Show your personality. Make your house a home (even if it is a rental). So I saw this done on another website and I wondered if I could do it to.

So this is what you need to Modge Podge your outlet covers:

  • Glue and water mixture (about 2/3 glue and 1/3 water)
  • Sponge
  • Outlet cover
  • Scizzors
  • Pen
  • Scrapbook paper of your liking

Really, that’s it! That’s all you need. And it’s pretty simple.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper that is a little big bigger than your outlet cover (you want to make sure it wraps on the sides when it’s on there).

Put the outlet cover on top of the paper and trace over the scrapbook paper for the openings. Now cut the opening out.

Then put a thin layer of modge podge on the outlet cover and stick the paper on top. Then put a layer of modge podge on top of the paper. Make sure the paper is completely covered and start to wrap the paper around the cover.  Make sure there are no ripples in the paper! Smooth those out!


If you mis-cut, most of those pieces can be pulled off pretty easy because of how damp the scrapbook paper is. They should just rip right off!

After making sure you wrap the covers completely, let them dry. I let these guys dry for at least an hour before I reapplied the modge podge. Some of them needed a few coats!

Then, after they dried, I put them up. The look pretty good. I mean, pretty damn good if I do say so myself! And just so easy. So guess what? I made a whole bunch of them. These ones were put in the living room/dining room. Here are a few more I’ve done over the last few weeks!

Our Bedroom



I’m really happy with how all of these turned out. Some of the ones that didn’t turn out just how I wanted them, I just moved those to an outlet that isn’t easily scene or one that is in the corner somewhere!

Have you done anything like this before? I would of never thought to add this pop of color on our walls. Pretty unexpected but fun. Expecially since we are renters!





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