Orange you glad we painted?

When R and I found our new house, we did a tour and really loved everything about the house. Small, but it had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors. lots of character (it used a be a duplex and they made it into one house. Pretty cool. You can even see the floorboard where the wall used to be that splits the house!). But then…we got to the kitchen.


Yep. We found this. Really it’s a huge kitchen. Lots of cabnits. We can make this work for a rental (really, we can). But the color. Oh hell to the no. The blue was intense and ugly. And uneven. And ugly. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

So the weekend before last, I primed the kitchen to get ready for the paint. I knew I would have to prime it. Nothing in this world was going to cover that paint. So then, I was left with this.

All primed!

At least my eye weren’t bleeding because of the bring color anymore!

Then last weekend, we had a small painting party and got the living room/dining room and kitchen done.


Finally, we got the kitchen painted this awesome orange color. Yes, orange. It’s going to go perfectly with my fiesta kitchen I’ve always wanted! The color is Benjamin Moore’s Racing Orange.

Next we are getting my things in there, hanging some artwork, and getting rid of those awful lights (yes, that big huge white thing that the top of the picture is a light fixture. They are such an eyesore! We got industrial warehouse pendents and should make a big improvement.)

I will post a final picture once it looks a little better! I’m so lucky that we are able to paint to make this house feel like our own! Have you done anything to your rental to make it more “homey”?




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