New House & Redone bathroom

So last year, R and I started looking around for a house to call our own (well, we were looking around to rent from someone for a house to call our own). It stinks we can’t buy our own home right now. Really, it does. But we found a cozy little house.  Small 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom.

The guy that we are renting from is a friend of a friend. He is our age and has been renting to college kids the last 2 years. Ew. And let me tell you, the house looked like it has been rented out to college kids. Like for real, ew. So it other words, it needs a lot of TLC and love. And we want to give it to this house!

The first  objective was to paint. And we want to paint EVERYTHING.

2 weekends ago, I painted the bathroom. It used to be this green color.



So I painted it Benjamin Moore’s Ice Age. I know it’s really had to tell in this very tiny bathroom, but it did make a big difference. We will be painting the other bathroom the same color (right now, it’s being gutted and redone. Pretty exciting stuff!). It took me all weekend, but I got it done with only 2 coats (if that). I will be even more excited when all of our stuff is in it. I will be posting the really done bathroom in the next couple of weeks!

Who knew a little bit of paint would make me so very happy?!

Have you painted anything fabulous lately?




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