Easter Wreaths!

I found this pin on Pintrest and I couldn’t believe how easy it is! This week is Spring Break for our public schools so most of our kids are out (averaging about 13 kids in our class). So this project was great for this amount of 4 year olds.

What you need:

– Lots of paint swatches (you can get them for FREE at Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart)

– paper plates (we used small plates)



-ribbon (optional)

Cut your paint swatches into oval/egg shapes. Use lots of different colors. We liked the ones that have 3 or 4 different colors on the one strip. We also made polka dots to put on them!

Then cut out the middle of your plate to make an O shape.

Have the kiddies glue the eggs and polka dots to their “wreath”.

When they dry, glue ribbon to the top to make a hook (like I said, this is optional. If your fancy and already have a wreath hook, you wouldn’t need this).


We made our very own wreaths. I thought they looked super cute (although these don’t have the ribbon on them).

And lookie, I even made one for our door with a big pink plate.

Boy, I love cheap projects!

Until the next project,




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