Have you met our new friend?

At the beginning of the month, I read this article on Offbeat Home. Immediately, I fell in love with the idea of carnivorous plants (you mean, my plants can eat bugs? That’s hella cool!). I mean, I’ve heard of carnivorious plants (Feed me, Seymore! Feed me!…Don’t know the movie?). But I never really thought about owning one myself!

Well, I read this article while traveling to PA (to see the Pittsburgh Penguins, at that!). Well, while there, we went to Lowe’s with R’s parents. And there he was. Just waiting to go home with us.

Meet Jim!

I found my very own Venus Flytrap! I don’t know how, but I found my very own. Who would of thunk it?

Now that it’s a little warmer, our little friend Jim is outside. I put him to work! He’s sitting on top of the chair where the compost sits. He is getting plenty of food! Tonight, I went to go put some things in the compost and I found all of Jim’s mouths closed. Let’s see how big he can get!

Have you even had a carnivorous plant? Any tricks or tips I need to know?




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