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Spring Garden 2012

Spring has sprung! Can you believe it?! I’m so excited to be sharing the few things that grew this winter. Plus, my compost! I’ve been putting everything in that damn thing. And the dirt looks rich and healthy. I’m so glad I started it last year so I could get all the benifits out of it this spring.

A few weeks ago, I planted radishes and carrots from seeds in my purple pot (first time planting either of those) and I put a cut onion in the bottom (although I don’t think anything will happen to it…*crossing fingers*). I also planted some sweet basil from seeds and oragano. So far, this is what I have…

I have radishes!

That’s about it. I looked at them the other day and I found a few carrot tops trying to poke through. Now, this pot ONLY had compost in it from the very bottom of my container. When I noticed the carrots, I put some dirt on top of them and gave them a good watering. And just think, because we have had some 80 degree days, all of my plants are outside! They are doing pretty well (I can’t complain!). Oh, and here is a shot of my lettuce and spinach from this winter. It’s still rocking and rolling!

Still growing!

I can’t believe my lettuce and spinach did as well as it did. All I did was put some compost in the box and spread some seeds out and left it. I didn’t do anything additional. Can’t beat that!

Are you growing anything? Any additional tips or tricks? I cant’ use all the help I can get!




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