Inkblot Penguin Craft

So, for Polar Animal Week, I went to Pinterest! And guess what I found? A penguin! How appropriate considering our classroom name is the Perky Penguins.

I started off by folding a white piece of construction paper in half long ways. Then, from the center, make half a heart. Then a larger C. Then a line. I decided to use a brown marker and orange marker so the kids knew which paint to use on which line!

I put brown paint in an unused glue bottle. Then the kids traced the paint on the lines!

After the lines were traced over, we folder the paper in half. And look! Just add 2 white circles with black dots in the middle for eyes and an orange triangle for a mouth. Ta Da! A Penguin!

We cut these out and put them on our bulletin board. Very cute!

Original Pin:

Happy Crafting!




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