Fall Wreath

<—–I went from this








To this! —->


My Thanksgiving wreath turned out pretty flipping good, if I do say so myself. But really…this damn thing caused me SUCH a headache. Although I love DIY, I never thought in a million and a half years it would of caused me this much of a problem. I actually have to thank my husband for making me feel better after I almost threw this entire project in the trash and cry. Over a stupid wreath! What the mess?! It’s only a flipping wreath, Tasha. Jeez.

Well, this stupid wreath’s main problem was the foam base I started with. I got it from Lowe’s and it was foam so it buckled. U-g-l-y. I couldn’t make it work to save my life. Then the hubby said I should use cardboard. And he was right. It worked. And it’s on our door. And I couldn’t be prouder.











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