Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!

Now that fall is here, I thought I would have some of my preschoolers start their fall crafts. We made this one a few weeks ago and they look amazing on our Family Tree!

First I had a leaf template that I printed on green construction paper (did you know you could do that? I had no idea!).
Then I mixed up some paint (fall colors, of course) with water and glue. I like to add glue to it because I find that it makes the pictures a little more glossy. Maybe it’s all in my head. I’m sure that’s the case.

I put all my paints on my easel and let my kids go to town on their leaves! They all loved to see if they could stay in the lines.

The great thing about this small project is that it’s easy (I am all about quick and easy). There is really no mess, no clean up, no giving instructions. They do what they want, they mix the colors that they want, and they have fun. That’s all that matters, right?

They look super good! I’m pretty please with how they turned out. Too bad no one noticed *grumble grumble*.

We also used this week to pick a tree outside and watch the leaves change colors. We decided on a tree that is right outside our classroom door (well, over the fence). I tied a ribbon around it, we sat in a circle, and we drew what the tree looked like in our journals. There was no right or wrong answer. They drew it however they saw fit (but they had to draw something that looked like a tree). The tree only has a few yellow and red leaves so the kids only tried to use yellow and red sparingly. Every other week, we will go outside and see how our tree is changing. Pick some leaves off of it. Draw how it is changing. Notice the colors. It will even be fun to draw our tree once in the winter with all the leaves gone! Then we will pick it back up again in the spring. A project for the whole year!

It was really fun, sitting in a circle, all 20 of my kids looking up at this tree trying to draw it. I hope my kids had as much fun as I did.

Our Family Tree

These are the times I love the fall.




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