Something for Sunday

Here is something for Sunday!

As a teacher, I have SOO many broken crayons. I mean, it’s insane. I really wanted to add something to my classroom that is “me”. And you know I’m all about DIY these days.

So after browsing Pinterest (do you know the site? YOU SHOULD!!!), I found this really cool idea to make a T out of broken crayons.
Seemed really easy. I mean, doesn’t everyone have a box of crayons that they want to make art out of? Actually I have many, many boxes of extra broken crayons. Doesn’t everyone have that? Yes? No? Maybe so? Well, I’m sure this project would of be prettier if I had a brand new box of crayons, but who wants to break those?

I had some extra cardboard that I used as a base. Then I digged through my crayons for some sizes that I needed. Put a layer of glue in the shape that I needed. Then started gluing. After putting down most of the crayons, I put a layer of glue on top. Then I put another layer on once I had my T all set out. Then I waited for the glue to dry. It took 2 days for the glue to dry!

When everything was said and done, I printed off a little blurb “Welcome to Ms. Tasha’s Classroom!” and popped it in a photo frame.

So here is my finished product.

I have to admit, this doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the one I saw on Pinterest. But you know what? That’s ok. It’s mine, and that’s all that matters.




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