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Wicked Witch Craft

With Halloween just around the corner (I seriously can’t believe that), I started doing some of my spooky crafts with the kids. So here is our Wicked Witch!

 What you need-

  •  Paint (Green and black)
  •  Paper plate (I used small)
  •  Black construction paper to make into a witch hat
  •  Orange Yarn
  • Bean (optional for mole)
So I started off with the kids painting their paper plate green in the morning after circle time. In the afternoon, I had them start to glue their orange yarn and hat on top of the plate. Then I asked them to draw 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Some of our kids decided to give the witch glasses. Some decided to give them ears. Some didn’t know what the hell they were doing. We even put a bean on to look like a mole.
Look how cool they look!
I’m pretty happy with them. They are going to look great in their scrapbooks too!
Until the next craft…

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