Something for Sunday

So I’ve decided to do something new on Sundays. Every Sunday I’m going to blog about something DIY around the house, preschool project, or recipe that I’ve done recently. It’s going to be called “Something for Sunday”.

Anyhow, I was alone last night because R went to the Richmond NASCAR Race (Does my husband even like NASCAR? No. Does it watch NASCAR? No. Does he go to any other races? No. But almost every year he goes to the Richmond Race with some guy friends. Whatever. It gets him out of the house for the day and they get to party their faces off. Good enough). So with the day to myself, I went to Bark in the Park (a festival for dogs, if you will. Lots of vendors, doggie ice cream, and rescue groups. It’s always fun and Betty had a blast swimming in the community pool. My baby swam!). After doing that, I came home, changed from my dripping wet clothes (community pool + jeans /90 degree weather= grossness) and went to Walmart. I came home with 2 wedding cards, an anniversary card, bright yellow spray paint, latex gloves, steel wool sponges, and a bottle of red wine. My Saturday night was set!

My Saturday night!

So this is how I spray painted my wicker chair that I’ve had since 1997. This thing we busted and needed a makeover. Badly.

Because I live in a condo, I decided to wait until it got a little bit darker outside because I started (Stupid HOA. They never let us have any fun.) I found a package of steel wool “sponges” that have a varity of different sizes because I had no idea on what size would get the finish off of the chair. So I tried them all. Honestly, this chair is so old, I really didn’t notice any of the sponges working so well. I tried but nothing seems to get the paint off! Oh well. At least I tried. My suggestion is to try different sizes. If your paint is already chipping, the steel wool may work for you. Unfortunately, none of the 3 I got seemed to work. This paint was stubborn!

So then, I found a patch of dirt we have outside out door and put the chair on it. I didn’t use newspaper or anything (true be told, we don’t have any. I took it all to school so that they kids could use it for their art projects.) Put on my latex gloves and started spraying. The nice thing about the “Krylon Dual Spray Paint” is that it has a primer built into it, so it didn’t need as many coats (I only bought one can of it). It also had a little white nozzle on the sprayer so you can choose how you want the spray to come out (I almost threw this piece away!

1st coat of Yellow

Don’t do that! If you throw the white piece away, you will get paint all over your hands/gloves and the paint will come out weird. This is why we wear gloves! ). This is how the first coat came out. I can still see the green paint underneath, but it was only the first coat.———————————–>

After about 2 hours, I thought I would try the second coat. By this time, I was about 8pm so it was getting dark out! After the second coat, I completely ran out of spray paint. I really focused on the green paint which was the arms, the top of the chair, and a diamond in the middle.

2nd Coat of Yellow

Just make sure that you get underneath the chair, the back of the chair, and the legs of the chair. Anywhere people can see it, you should paint it!

I think after the second coat of paint, I think it looks better. I can bearly see the green anymore and the yellow is pretty bright. So I brought the chair on our patio and left it there overnight.

This morning I went outside to look at my newly painted wicker chair. Although it looks great, I think it’s a little too shiny. Maybe it’s because of the high gloss but I really didn’t think it was going to be soooo glossy. Ray suggested we get a new cushion and find a clear matte spray paint.


Does that even exists??? I need to do some more research.

So here is the final product. It sits in the corner of our bedroom beside our window, but it’s a great spot to read a book (or put our workout clothes on it).

So this was my first Something for Sunday! Hope you enjoy!





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2 responses to “Something for Sunday

  1. Yay! I love the idea of making something “new” out of something “old”. I like the yellow! I think I would switch out the cushion though… maybe something white with a pattern?

    Thanks for sharing the project!!

    JB @

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