Running for a Cause…

So I’ve been on this kick about walking 3 times a week with Betty (even though she IS a lousy walking partner. I really enjoy her company, but she just can’t keep up!). I’ve been really good with it. All month. Except this week. Not once. You know why? Rain. And lots of it! Ever since our Hurricane, we have had tons of rain. Although I’m enjoying walking/jogging, I am not doing in the rain. Not now. Not ever.

Edit to say that I did walk last night because it was a beautiful afternoon. It felt really good!

Whatever the case, even though I’m a slacker, I’m enjoying the rouitine of walking a few times a week to get out of the house. There are so many days where I just feel like I’m such a lazy ass and walking makes me feel…well, like I’m not such a lazy ass! In fact, I feel rather productive after I walk. Who know? Although I am always running around, staying on my feet, and leading Music and Movement for 20 minutes with 50 3-5 year olds, I like just getting outside and having some me time. It’s kinda nice.

But because I’m enjoying this me time, I’m starting to find things to keep me busy and active. I tried Zumba and loved it but I’ve only been by myself. Not so fun going alone. I’m not into too many sports (I used to play softball but I don’t have that type of energy for all of that! I’m a preschool teacher, not an energizer bunny!).

But because of my new found love, I thought maybe I would find a 5k to jog. Or even a half marathon to walk. Something that I could look forward to and be proud of! Plus, I would love to say to my husband “Look! Your wife actually finished something! Hurray!”. How many times can he say that? I’ll tell ya. None.

So next I wanted to find an organization in which I could walk. There are so many non-profits and great organizations out there…it could really make my head explode. But would I just want to join any ol’ walk or run? Not really. I want to do a run that I can stand behind. A cause that is close to my heart. But really, what’s close to my heart? Do I actually have something that I want to run for? So far I’ve found 3 that I’m interested in, but I’m still not sure. I mean, what’s the worse that can happen if I sign up and do them? Nothing.

So here are the 3 orginazations that I’m looking at…

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention– This is a great organazation and I would love to participate in their run. The problem? It’s this Saturday. A little too short of notice for a run…maybe next time (I hope so).

Run for the Dream– This program helps a local public school . They are “dedicated to the belief that all children can learn and succeed regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, and that education can break the cycle of poverty”. They also “offer a quality education in a nurturing environment, the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with caring adults, and the chance to take part in engaging enrichment activities during both the academic day and hours spent outside of school”. THIS! I’m really supportive of anyone trying to help youth kids stay off the streets and giving them a positive opportunity. Their run is on May 19th and it’s an 8K. I think I can do this!

Race for the Build- Habitate for Humanity. Their run is on May 5th and it doesn’t say how long it is.

Since most of these are next spring, I have plenty of time to “train” and raise money. Right now, I don’t feel like a “runner”. Hell, I don’t even feel like I’m a walker, but I want to do this. I really, truely, want to do this. And if I really want to do something, I’m going to do it.




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