The season of change…

Can you believe that summer is already over? Not me. Didn’t we just start this summer camp? I swear we did. I SWEAR we just started camp! Well, today was the last day of summer camp. All of my kids are moving on to other schools or other classrooms. They are as ready for Pre-K as I could get them (I think my fellow Pre-K teachers are going to kill me. This group was NOT EASY!). All of my kids are now ready for their last year of preschool. Crazy thought.

Now that the summer is over, we can get back to that list I made for at the beginning of the summer. Did I follow through we my very small list?

1) Save anough money for a car. I need a car. Badly. If Ray and I even want to think about having a baby, we need a second car.

I have a very small amount of savings. I just need to keep truckin’ and add a bit more. I want my car!

2) Get some new walking shoes. Mine suck. If I get these, I can do #3.

Nope. Haven’t done this. I still have my shoes from 2001, but they are working. For now (they are on my Christmas list!).

3) Start walking 3 2 times a week. I feel as though I need to get out and start walking. I’ve always wanted to be one of these people that are able to run, but I know my knees are horrible. So how about walking? I think I can do that. And Betty loves to walk! Win Win, right?

This! I am doing this! For the past 2 weeks, I have started walking at least 3 days a week. Our walk is 2.25 miles and takes us about 40 minutes. I even started jogging a little bit too. I’m not too hip on jogging, but I’m trying. As for Betty? She gets tired ALLLLLL to quickly, but she’s adjusting to the exercise schedule. Panting and drooling the entire time!

So now we are coming to Fall. The season of change and cool breezes. Ray and my wedding anniversary is right around the corner (2 years marriage. Wow.). The wind is starting to blow a little bit more and the morning have been pretty chilly (especially on the scooter!)  2011 has been an amazing year so far, and I’m expecting this Fall and Winter to be no different.

My first Lead Teacher school year starts on Tuesday. Let’s see what this school year brings us (hopefully children who listen and follow directions!).




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