First week as Lead Teacher…

This week was the first week that I started my position as the new Lead Teacher of the 4 year old classroom. I sound so official!

When I first interviewed at my Preschool in January, the big bossman asked me “What are you plans for the future? Do you want to stay an assistant?”. At the time, I did only want to be an assistant. At my last school, I saw how hard my Lead Teacher worked and how little they appreciated her. I saw her work on the weekend, stay after work to cover classrooms, and take over the assistant directors job when she was out. She was NEVER compensated for all the hard work she gave and never complained. She paid for everything out of her pocket!  I’m sorry, but if that is how lead teachers are treated, I wanted NOTHING to do with it! So when the big bossman asked me if I just wanted to stay an assistant, I said yes. Yes I did.

Then in June, the big bossman and big bosslady asked if anyone in the school would like to apply for the Lead Teacher position of the 4 year old classroom. My Lead Teacher pushed me to apply, but all I could think about was my old school and my old Lead Teacher. But wait! This isn’t my old school. This is why I left my old school and came here. Things are SOOOO much better now! So you know what? I applied. What’s the worst that can happen? And I got it. I finally have my how classroom. My own assistant. I get to do things how I want to do them. Rearrange my classroom how I want it. And it feels great.

Although this week has been hard (Tuesday and today have been a nightmare), I’m so lucky to have a space to call my own. I’m also lucky to have a school that backs me up and appreciate what I do (They like me! They really like me!). They are supportive. I know I have a lot of people to prove that I deserve this position (some of my fellow teachers are not convinced I earned this and they have never worked with me before. Plus, I got the job instead of someone who has been here MUCH longer). All I can do is keep doing what I do best and just be me. I know I’ll do fine. I just have to keep telling myself that I’ll do fine!

Side story: This morning, this child’s mom (I’ve had this child in my camp class since June) came up to me to ask if my scooter was sitting outside. She says “Exxx keeps telling me that that scooter outside is yours, but I keep telling her that the scooter is Ms. Tasha’s”. I said “Yeah, it’s Ms. Tasha’s. It’s mine!” She says “Oh, I thought your name was Janeen!”

Wait, what? I’ve had your child in my classroom for the last 2 months and you didn’t really know my name?! You thought my lead teacher’s name was Tasha and my name was Janeen? Dude. Really? I’m truly boggled right now. You should be embarrassed.


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