How to dry basil in the car!

Now that my garden is flurishing, I am using my veggies in EVERYTHING (still waiting on my tomatoes to get red though *grrrr*). Anyhow, with as much basil as I’m growing, I really wanted to see if I could dry it out myself.

After a little research, I found that I could dry the basil out with a dehumidifier (ummm, we don’t have one of those) or the oven (the oven? It’s 95 degrees outside! I’m not turning on the oven…). Then I remembered reading on Offbeat Home where someone made fruit leather by putting it in the car. Hmmm. Why can’t I do that same thing with my basil? Same concept, right? So on Sunday night, that’s what a did!

Here is the article from Offbeat Home if you want to read it. Boy, I love that website!

On Sunday afternoon, I picked a handful of basil and washed it in a bowl. Then I put it on a cookie sheet!

Then I walked to Ray’s car and put the cookie sheet in the trunk. And that’s it. That’s all a did. Because it was the afternoon, I left it in there all night and all day on Monday. So when I came home on Monday, I popped the truck and I had dried basil!

It really was one of the easiest things. Sure not all of the pieces of basil were completely dried and you could put the cookie sheet in the front seat of the car if you really wanted to.  But I didn’t. And it turned out pretty good all the same! I’m just happy to have dry basil!

As for my little itty bitty garden? It’s doing wonderful. Like I said, I still don’t have red tomatoes, but our jalapenos are growing well and so it the basil. And the cucumbers have vines but nothing else. And the squash has orange flowers but no fruit yet. YET. I hope to have some within the next week or so! Look how much it’s grown in the last few weeks!

July 17th, 2011

July 3rd, 2011

 In just 14 days!

Plus, the compost box is doing great too. I shake it up once or twice a week and throw everything in it from lemon rinds to celery hearts. From egg shells to newspaper. I’m really excited to have veggies of my own as well as compost. Who knew you could do all this in a small condo? Not me!




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