Grow Baby Grow!

A couple days ago I was watering my plants and I noticed this…

Jalapenos are growing!!!

My jalapenos are finally growing! I found 2 of them to be a pretty good size and then 3 more popping through. How exciting! I honestly didn’t think I was going to be getting anything until next month (can you believe that it’s JULY already?! Jeez!). But to my amazement, I have some peppers growing.

Then, after getting all excited about the peppers, I found these…

I found 2 lonely green Roma tomatoes! I couldn’t believe it.

2 tomatoes...

I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to get anything, but I’m so excited that I do. It really makes you feel proud when your veggies start to grow. Sure, I don’t have anything big, but I’m super excited about what I do have!

Also, I started a compost box. Did I say that already? Whatever the case, the box is doing well. It feels good putting all of our odds and ends of veggies in the box (also the flowers from the Kindergarten graduation, newspaper, egg shells, and some dead leaves).  We have some ants that are getting into the box top holes, but I’m sure that’s fine. They are good for the compost, right?

Whatever. I’m just glad to be doing my part. Not a big part, but a part none the less.

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there and be safe!




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