Do you want a baby? Do you want a baby? DO YOU WANT A BABY?!

Yesterday Ray, his sister, a friend of ours, and myself all went to a 4th of July party out in the country. And when I say country, I mean a party with big trucks, fireworks, Bud lite, and lots of men without shirts on. We have been going to this annual party for the last 5 or 6 years. We have met many people over the years at this party and we never get to go out to the country anymore. We just don’t get to come out there. Nothing personal, just too far!

So we were at this party and an older friend of ours asked me “So, when are you having a baby?” The question came out of NO WHERE…and all I could do was calmly say “Next year” and just smile.

I get this question a lot. As a young woman (well, I’m turning 27, so I’m not that young anymore) it seems like everyone wants to see when we are going to have a baby. I used to get this question at least 2xs a week at my old school. At my new school, I get it maybe once a month. Is it because we just got married almost 2 years ago? Is it because we are a young couple? Do I have baby written on my forehead?

2 days ago, Ray said that he had a dream where I told him I was pregnant. Poor Ray. He doesn’t like surprises, especially a surprise that large. My poor poor husband.

I want a baby. I really do. I would like to start trying in late 2012 or early 2013.  I just don’t need everyone and their mama to ask me about it. Hell, not even Ray’s parents or my Mum asks me about babies. I think that is the only people who don’t ask me!

I guess it’s just something I will have to deal with. At least until we actually have one. Then everyone will ask us when we are going to start having a 2nd one. It’s a cruel cycle, isn’t it?




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One response to “Do you want a baby? Do you want a baby? DO YOU WANT A BABY?!

  1. Lizzie

    It is so rude for people to ask that! People have no manners. And don’t worry, the rudeness doesn’t stop once you get pregnant, then it’s, are you having twins (in relation to your size) or Wow, you’re getting fat! and on and on…but in the end you do a get a baby out of the equation so it’s tolerable.

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