First day of summer camp!

Now that school is finally over, our center has a summer camp. We have kids from many other schools come to us because there are only so many centers in the area that are open during summer. I’m very lucky that we are open (and I get paid!) this time of year.

So today was the first day of summer camp. Let me tell you, it was a headache and a half. About 7 of these kids are from a younger classroom, only 4 or 5 are from the class that I just taught this past year, and there are around 4 of them that came from other school. Between the younger class kids and the kids from the other schools (a local christian acadamy, montisorri, and day care), my hands are full!

It really amazes me what these kids DON”T know how to do. They push, they talk out of turn (please don’t talk during my story, dude!), they whine (Yes you can open those crackers! Just try!), they are rude, they just give up. Now, granted, I know that 4 year olds can be difficult. I know that this is very typical for most 4 year olds. I guess I’ve just gotten really used to my older 4 year olds (going on 5 this summer) and how great they were. How easy they were. I’m sad that all my easy kids have left me!

It just really amazes me. What are other schools teaching these kids? How in the world are they ready for Kindergarten? I know how tough the schools are around here and these kids wouldn’t even last a week! I know I only have them for the summer, but I need to get these kids in shape! Ray always tells me “You can’t save the world” but I can at least get these kids a LITTLE bit more ready for Pre-K than then are!


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