Betty Ann

This is Betty Ann. My wonderfully quirky 4 year old Boston Terrier. Do I have any children at the moment? No. Not a human child, but a fur child. She is funny, she is overbearing, she is jealous, she is pushy. Betty loves to aggravate, agitate, and is extremely smart. Everyone underestimates how strong she is, how hard she plays, and her personality. I’m proud to be Betty Ann’s mama.

I remember the day we went to go pick her up. I will never forget September 2nd, 2007. Ray’s words when he saw her were “Oh my! Look at you!”. We noticed how small she was (only 4 lbs!), her wall-eyes, and how huge her mouth was! When she yawned, I swore I could fit my fist in her mouth (seriously, I thought it was unusually large for her size)!

The first 2 months with Betty was extremely hard. As with any puppy, you are going to have some trying times. Betty was/is our first dog. We had NOT idea what we were doing. We bought her online (Bad, Tasha! Backyard breeders are NOT ok! I mean this!). All we knew was that we wanted to crate train (this is where having an extremely hard 2 months come in).

All we knew was that we wanted to have a dog of our own. Something to love and care for. No matter how hard she was or how much of a pain in the butt she can be, she is the light of my life. Am I crazy for calling my 16 lb wall-eyed Boston Terrier the light of my life? Maybe. But I know there is no dog I would rather have. She holds a special place in my heart.

I love you, Betty Ann!

x and o



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