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Adventures in Gardening

When I was little, my mother was a huge gardener. She had tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peas, potatoes, onions…you name it, she had it at one time or another.

I remember when I was around 4 or 5 and my mother had her first garden at the “new house” (we were there for about 2 or 3 years by then). The garden was HUGE. So big she needed to put slots of wood down the rows (she would walk down them) so she could maintain it and kept the weeds out. It was such a huge garden (well, to me it was!). She even had a compost pile. I didn’t know what compost was but I knew what it was for. It was for my mother’s garden. That’s all I knew. My mother was organic before mainstream labeled it as such.

She doesn’t have that big garden anymore. She will dabble and grow a few things here and there, but nothing like when I was a kid. I miss those days sometimes. I miss having everything grown in the back yard. Organic and yummy.

Many of the online blogs I’ve been reading recently said that you can make a “container garden”. A “container garden”? WTH does that mean?! After futher research I have found that “container gardens” are perfect for people like me and Ray. We have a condo and NO backyard. Our patio is a little 8 x 8 cement pad. Needless to say, I never thought that I could have a garden of any kind. But my faith was restored after finding “container gardening”. Pretty much it says that there are plenty of great veggies that can grow inside or in small pots. Perfect for people like us! I had NO idea that I would be able to grow my own vegetables! It got me SOOOO excited! Many people use old mild cartons or plastic food storage containers to grow their fruits or veggies.

My Very First Veggies!

In the beginning of June, I bought a cherry tomato plant and basil. Both of these seems like great starter veggies. I kept them inside in our spare bedroom because I knew how much sun that room gets in the summer time (that’s where Betty’s crate it too). So I bought some pots and planeted both of them and stuck them on the table in the spare bedroom.

After about a week, Ray suggested that I put them outside. “Outside?!” I thought. “I can’t put them outside! What if they don’t get enough sun? Or they die?”…needless to say, I did put them outside on our little bitty patio. I had to have faith. I also had my zombie plant out there (I got this orange flower plant from a kid a few years ago. The day I brought it home, I killed it. All year, I kept watering it and kept it in the sun but nothing happened. About a year after I got it, I moved it to the spare bedroom because of how sunny it was. A week later, it bloomed! It was still alive! So Ray nicknamed it the zombie plant. And it’s still alive today!) and a purple rose bush. My zombie plant is still doing amazing outside but my rose bush…not so much…I don’t think it’s coming back from the dead. So now I have my basil (I’ve even picked it and stored some of it in the freezer! Yippy!), cherry tomatoes (I even put bamboo skewers in it so the stalks don’t tip over), zombie plant, and very dead rose bush all sitting on the patio. Oh, and a pink flower plant that I procured at a wedding in PA this past weekend. And a money tree that one of my students gave me when I left my old school for my new job at my new school. All these plants!!!

Well, today I decided that I wanted to get some lettuce (a girlfriend of mine said how well hers is growing so I thought, what the hell. I might as well try). Of course no one had lettuce for me to plant anymore (wth Lowes and Walmart?!) so I ended up getting a jalopeno plant (for Ray), squash, and cucumbers (for me). More veggies! After getting the new plants and more dirt, saying goodbye to super dead rose bush, and dumping super dead rose bush, I was ready to plant some more vegetables.

Jalapeno, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, and a Money tree!

I first did the jalopano plant and put it in the pot that the super dead rose bush was in. Then I put my cucumber and squash plants in the same large purple pot that I bought at Target last night. I’m not sure how well they will grow in it, but I think they will be ok (here is to crossing fingers!).

Squash and Cucumbers

I think everything looks really good. I know I’m not the best gardener, but I’m going to try the best that I can. It’s hard not having a lot of space (or money for that matter) but all I can do it try! Maybe I can have my very own small garden, even though we DO live in a small space. Here is to hoping!


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